Western Yalanji Rangers - Palmerville Station

Welcome to the Western Yalanji Rangers Base Page. This page is the temporary home of the Western Yalanji Rangers Program while our site is under construction. 

The Western Yalanji Rangers have a base 'on country' at Cannibal Creek on Palmerville Station. Our Rangers patrol Palmerville Station protecting cultural sites, flora and fauna and bio-security. The WYACR (Western Yalanji Aboriginal Corporation Rangers) also carry out 'savanna burning' projects in collaboration with Palmerville Station. 



Creating the Western Yalanji Ranger Base                                                                                        Western Yalanji Rangers


Western Yalanji Rangers in Sydney for a Aboriginal Carbon Foundation meeting about 'savanna burning'

Meet the Rangers

Western Yalanji Aboriginal Corporation - CEO

Brad Grogan

Senior Ranger (WYAC)

 Cindel Lee Cheu

Ranger (WYAC)
(Uncle) Danny Lee Cheu

Ranger (WYAC)






David Boyle

Ranger (WYAC)






Lindsay Gore

Ranger (WYAC)

Leslie Geia

Western Yalanji Rangers - Palmer River Limestone 

The Western Yalanji Rangers received a grant to look at the cultural art works in the Limestone range on Palmerville Station. This mini documentary travels with the Western Yalanji Rangers to explore the Limestone with Archaeoligist Alice Buhrich. 

Western Yalanji Aboriginal Corporation

Initiatives like the Ranger Program, the Savanna burning and Aboriginal Carbon Foundation program and the various tourism ventures on Palmerville Station work to support this objective to create employment and business opportunities 'on country'.

Above is CEO of the Western Yalanji Aboriginal Corporation, Brad Grogan with the Western Yalanji Rangers in their new ranger uniforms.

Guests of the station can visit the Western Yalanji Ranger base located at the Cannibal Creek Camp Grounds on Whites Creek Road.

Remember to drop in say 'Yundu Yalada (Hello, download the app below to learn how to speak Kuku Yalanji) and learn about the rangers work and also about the 'savanna burning' carbon project on Palmerville Station. 

Further information about the Western Yalanji can be found by emailing admin@westernyalanjicorp.com


Proposed Ranger Base and Cultural Centre

The proposed Western Yalanji Ranger Base and Cultural Centre planned for Cannibal Creek sub lease area. 


Western Yalanji - Indigenous Land and Sea Ranger program

Ranger team
Western Yalanji Rangers
Host organisation
Western Yalanji Corporation

The Western Yalanji Rangers play an important role in caring for their traditional country around Palmerville Station in central-south eastern Cape York Peninsula.

Their priorities include:

  • monitoring and controlling feral animals and weeds and undertaking wildlife surveys
  • undertaking fire management in consultation with Elders
  • monitoring mining activity on Western Kuku-Yalanji land and river Country
  • clearing, monitoring and maintaining of vehicle tracks, Bama walking tracks, springs, wells, waterways and other sacred places in consultation with Elders; and assisting with cultural heritage surveys and recording
  • supporting cultural camps and educating the community, tourists and school children about the Western Kuku-Yalanji Indigenous Land Use Agreement and ranger program.


Indigenous Land and Sea Ranger Program

We acknowledge that the Queensland Indigenous Land and Sea Ranger Program exists due to the advocacy of First Nations people over many decades, and we pay our respects and gratitude to those individuals, communities, and organisations. We remain committed to partnerships that honour those who have come before us, and that build a future together.

Through the Queensland Indigenous Land and Sea Ranger Program, the Queensland Government partners with First Nations communities to care for land and sea country, provide jobs and training and engage future generations.

Indigenous Land and Sea Ranger groups work to conserve Queensland’s important ecosystems and cultural heritage on country, in locations stretching from northern Cape York Peninsula to the Gold Coast.



The Queensland Indigenous Land and Sea Ranger Program now assists First Nations organisations with grants to employ more than 150 Indigenous Land and Sea rangers across 37 of Queensland’s regional and remote communities. The program provides training, networking and partnership support for ranger groups.

Indigenous Land and Sea rangers deliver negotiated work plans that reflect Traditional Owner, local community, and Queensland Government priorities. Their activities include a wide range of conservation services including cultural burns, feral animal and pest plant control, soil conservation, cultural heritage site protection and biodiversity monitoring. Community engagement activities include Junior Ranger programs and local community events.


Traditional Owners employed as Indigenous Land and Sea rangers deliver conservation services that successfully combine traditional knowledge of country and western science. Rangers are skilled in conservation work and bring experience, inter-generational knowledge sharing and formal conservation qualifications to managing country.

The program works with ranger groups to diversify their income. Investors are invited to partner in supporting this highly successful program and a partnership prospectus is available, highlighting the opportunities to sponsor Indigenous ranger groups.


The success of Indigenous ranger programs in delivering outcomes for First Nations communities in environmental, social and economic terms has been confirmed through a variety of evaluations and other studies.


Further information

For further information about the Western Yalanji Program, please contact the Western Yalanji Aboriginal Corporation on (07) 4092 6712 or email admin@westernyalanjicorp.com or follow on



The Queensland Government currently provides funding for over 150 Indigenous land and sea rangers across Queensland, who care for the state’s unique cultural landscapes and world-class natural environment.


Learn the Language with The Kuku Yalanji Language App

You can download the Kuku Yalanji Language App on the Apple App store. This exciting app keeps the Yalanji language alive. A great resource for families visiting Cape York, download the app and learn the basics and say 'Yundu yalada, Yundu wanyu yinyay-mba nukan kuku Yalanji"


Kuku Yalanji Language App


The Western Yalanji Rangers can be contacted to learn more about the history and culture.

An app is available for download on the Apple App Store to learn the Yalanji Language. 


Cultural Experience for the Family - Become a "Western Yalanji 'Assistant' Ranger for the day" 

Meet your Ranger at the Western Yalanji Base 

Follow your Ranger around Western Yalanji Nation as they carry out their duties:

  • Inspecting and protecting ancient cultural rock art
  • Inspecting and protecting the environment 
  • Monitor tourists, miners and trespassers
  • Visit various rock pools, rivers and creeks
  • See the native wild life, birds, crocodiles, turtles and some barramundi 
  • Finish the day around the fire watching the stars rise

To book your experience, contact the Western Yalanji office via email or phone.

Please book well in advance to avoid disappointment. 

 Email: information@yalanjirangers.com.au

Email: admin@westernyalanjicorp.com

Phone: 0740926712

(Indicative pricing is $900 + GST for the day).