Palmerville Station - Livestock Operations

Palmerville Station is an Iconic Australian Cattle Station established in 1873 when gold was found on the Palmer River. The original settlers that moved into Palmer and Maytown built townships that boasted a collective population of 42,000 people, making it Australia's 5th largest city at the time. 

The property under its new corporate management team of the Adam and Heid Mellers and Family has been transformed from a broken down abandoned cattle property to a property that runs quality bloodlines of grey brahman cattle. Palmerville Station is a breeder operation operated by Diversified Agriculture a division of Diversified Property Group. 

The property under after improvements has a current 6000 head capacity with further fencing and pasture improvements underway to return it to the 9000 head capacity of the 1970's and 1980's. 

The elevation of Palmerville Station ranges from 290 metres above sea level with peaks up to 770 metres above sea level, creating a different climate to the Gulf Country and the Tablelands.  

With over 20 gigalitres of water across 70 plus dams, year round streams and creeks and rivers that are fed from mountain springs, and now state of the art cattle handling facilities designed to the modern OH&S specifications and best practices for animal welfare. 

No visit to Palmerville would be complete without visiting the cattle operations of the property.  

Learn more about Palmerville Station breeding operations and Diversified Property Group.

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