Health and Safety


  1. Fossickers must ensure that their health and fitness is of a standard satisfactory to allow them to travel to, and participate in activities at, the Fossicking Area and Campsite. 
  2. Fossickers must ensure they carry sufficient supplies and equipment at all times, including but not limited to adequate drinking water, GPS EPIRB and a handheld UHF radio (Palmerville Station is contactable on UHF 14). 
  3. Fossickers must carry a first aid kit and snake bite kit. This is a remote area and a helicopter evacuation can take time, so be prepared.
  4. Fossickers must report any unauthorised fire to Palmerville Station as soon as possible. 
  5. Fossickers must ensure that fires are only lit within the designated areas at the Campsite (or within areas advised by the Station Operators' staff). 
  6. Fossickers must ensure that waste from any ablutions performed outside designated toilet areas is completely buried at a depth of at least 30cm below surface level. 
  7. Fossickers must remove all rubbish (including cigarette butts) from the Fossicking Area and Campsite. Fossicking activities 
  8. Fossickers must ensure that all gates are left as directed by the Station Operators, or if no direction has been given, as they were found (ie if a gate is open, it is to be left open). 
  9. Fossickers must not remove any items from any abandoned mine site or camp, dwelling or infrastructure. 
  10. Fossickers must ensure that all detector holes are completely refilled and any raked areas are reinstated with leaf litter and/or any grasses removed. 
  11. Fossickers and Campers  must not swim in dams as there is submerged obstacles likes trees that are not visible under the surface and crocodiles and other water based predators lurking beneath.
  12. Fossickers and Campers please note that Palmerville has a Zero tolerance for Drink Driving and Drug Driving.
  13. Fossickers must abide by Queensland Road rules as they apply to the public roads and station roads. 
  14. That any dogs that are of the permissible types and breeds are restrained on a leash at all times.
  15. Quad bikes be fitted with role over protection devices like a t-bar or other approved equipment.


Please read and complete the compulsory information including the code of conduct.

If measures aren’t maintained on the property as described, Guests that do not comply, will be required to leave – we have a zero tolerance.

It is our Duty of Care and responsibility to all Guests at Palmerville Camp Grounds, that everyone operates within the code of conduct and under the guidance of the Completed Landholders’ Consent, that any such issues that may impede an individual to participate at Palmerville Camp Grounds safely, be bought to our attention.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated and received and your experience is valued.