Code of Conduct for Fossicking

This code of conduct (Code) applies to all persons accessing the general purpose fossicking area (Fossicking Area) and Cannibal Creek campsite (Campsite) at Palmerville Station pursuant to an arrangement with Chelsea on the Park Pty Ltd (COTP) (Fossickers).

The purpose of this Code is to: 

  • Ensure that all Guests are aware of their obligations whilst accessing the Fossicking Area and Campsite; 
  • Minimise any impact on the environment, biodiversity and historical or culturally significant areas of Palmerville Station; and 
  • Minimise any impact on the day-to-day operations of Palmerville Station carried out by Chelsea on the Park Pty Ltd ABN 58 165 795 and Diversified Agriculture Pty Ltd ABN 85 635 582 928 (Station Operators). 
  • Minimise any impact of The Western Yalanji Rangers.
  • Minimise any impact on Mining Lease operators on Palmerville Station.

To achieve that purpose, Palmerville Station (and the Station Operators) have adopted a zero tolerance policy. 

Any failure to comply with the Code will result in immediate cancellation of Fossickers' bookings and exclusion from the Fossicking Area and Campsite.

Fossickers' obligations 

Fossickers must ensure that they comply with the obligations set out below, at all times. 


Fossickers must comply with: 

  • all requirements of the Fossicking Act 1994 (Qld) and the Fossicking Rules and Responsibilities published on the Queensland Government website and updated from time to time; 
  • the conditions of the Landholder's Consent to Fossick; and 
  • any instruction given to them by the Station Operators' staff or Palmerville Gold. 
  • Biosecurity Act 2014 (Qld).
  • Check on each time the Fossicker enters the station on the online Biosecurity online checkin.
  • To the extent of any inconsistency between the Fossicking Rules and all requirements of the Fossicking Act 1994 (Qld), the conditions of the Landholder's Consent to Fossick and any instructions from the Station Operators' or Palmerville Station and this Code, those requirements shall prevail over this Code in the order set out above. 

Fossickers must ensure that their behaviour toward Palmerville Station, other fossickers and the Station Operators (including the Station Operators' employees and invitees) is respectful and appropriate at all times. Palmerville Gold and the Station Operators will not tolerate anti-social behaviour.  

Access to the Fossicking Area and Campsite 

  • Fossickers must not access the following areas (Restricted Areas): 
  • the area of any mining lease affecting the Fossicking Area (these areas are identified on the map available on the Palmerville Station website from time to time; 
  • access tracks to any mining lease where private road or no entry signs are posted; 
  • fenced-off dwellings and infrastructure; 
  • any part of the Fossicking Area and/or Campsite which is identified as a restricted area by the Station Operators' staff; and 
  • any part of Palmerville Station which is outside the boundaries of the Fossicking Area and Campsite. 
  • Fossickers are responsible to familiarise themselves with the location of the Restricted Areas. 

Fossickers must only camp within the Campsite (or any other designated campgrounds advised by Palmerville Station). 

Fossickers must travel to the Fossicking Area and Campsite via four-wheel drive equipped for travel to a remote cattle station in Far North Queensland. 

Fossickers must carry or display the permit issued to them by Chelsea on The Park Pty Ltd and the receipt at all times and produce the permit issued to them by Palmerville Gold, if requested by the Station Operators' staff. 

Health and Safety

  1. Fossickers must ensure that their health and fitness is of a standard satisfactory to allow them to travel to, and participate in activities at, the Fossicking Area and Campsite. 
  2. Fossickers must ensure they carry sufficient supplies and equipment at all times, including but not limited to adequate drinking water, GPS EPIRB and a handheld UHF radio (Palmerville Station is contactable on UHF 14). 
  3. Fossickers must carry a first aid kit and snake bite kit. This is a remote area and a helicopter evacuation can take time, so be prepared.
  4. Fossickers must report any unauthorised fire to Palmerville Station as soon as possible. 
  5. Fossickers must ensure that fires are only lit within the designated areas at the Campsite (or within areas advised by the Station Operators' staff). 
  6. Fossickers must ensure that waste from any ablutions performed outside designated toilet areas is completely buried at a depth of at least 30cm below surface level. 
  7. Fossickers must remove all rubbish (including cigarette butts) from the Fossicking Area and Campsite. Fossicking activities 
  8. Fossickers must ensure that all gates are left as directed by the Station Operators, or if no direction has been given, as they were found (ie if a gate is open, it is to be left open). 
  9. Fossickers must not remove any items from any abandoned mine site or camp, dwelling or infrastructure. 
  10. Fossickers must ensure that all detector holes are completely refilled and any raked areas are reinstated with leaf litter and/or any grasses removed. 
  11. Fossickers and Campers  must not swim in dams as there is submerged obstacles likes trees that are not visible under the surface and crocodiles and other water based predators lurking beneath.
  12. Fossickers and Campers please note that Palmerville has a Zero tolerance for Drink Driving and Drug Driving.
  13. Fossickers must abide by Queensland Road rules as they apply to the public roads and station roads. 
  14. That any dogs that are of the permissible types and breeds are restrained on a leash at all times.
  15. Quad bikes be fitted with role over protection devices like a t-bar or other approved equipment.


Please read and complete the compulsory information including the code of conduct.