Books and Television of Palmer River and Palmerville

Palmer River, Palmerville, Maytown and the Gold rush have had numerous mentions in history.  There is a number of books and Television Series and documentaries that have been filmed on Palmerville Station. This page is dedicated as a place to share different publications and clips. 

There is also numerous youtube channels dedicated to gold fossicking and 4 Wheel Driving along the station and "The Old Coach Road. 

The Australian produced "Aussie Gold Hunters" created by Electric Pictures is broadcast globally on Discovery Channel and various other streaming platforms. Jacqui and Andy have featured on Palmerville Station. Jump onto the Electric Pictures web site to learn more. Also below is a link to a trailer for Season 7.  

Television Series

Aussie Gold Hunters - Season 7 - Trailer



Numerous books have been published about the Palmer River, Palmerville Station and the Gold Rush, The First Nations history  

Parker Discovers the Richest Ground He's Ever Prospected | Gold Rush: Parker's Trail