M A P S    A N D   A P P   D O W N L O A D   A P P S

Palmerville Station Tourism Precinct has provided a number of resources in maps that can be opened in:

  • The Gaia Map App and also  imported to the App.
  • The Australian Geology Travel Maps is an incredible resource for fossickers. You can overlay geology maps, gold Mining Lease (ML) areas, Exploration Permit for Minerals (EPMs), past known gold and other mineral deposits. 

On this page you will find apps and also KML files and links to maps that will help you in your preparation. 

Please note: it is vitally important that you follow the rules and code of conduct and the consent to fossick rules and understand:

No fossicking in a Mining Lease Area (ML)

No fossicking in a Mining Claim Area (MC)

No fossicking in a Mining Lease Application Area 


A P P   D O W N L O A D   A R E A

Australian Geology Travel Maps 

The Australian Geology Travel Maps is the tool of choice of the serious fossickers. Download the app and subscribe and download the different geological overlays and topographical maps. 

The season pass holders and other professional fossickers use this tool to map out target areas based on geology.

While it doesn't guarantee finding gold, it tells you areas where you wont find gold. 

Download magnetic overlays, historical mining areas and discoveries and also have current details of mining lease areas, so you are sure that you are not accidentally entering a production permit area.

The link below will take you to the App Store.  


 Gaia GPS 

The Gaia GPS Mobile Trail Maps is a handy tool when exploring remote areas. You can download the app and download the maps and follow the setup up instructions and it turns your Iphone or Smart Phone into a handheld GPS unit. No phone reception is needed. You can record your trails so you can back track, you can mark GPS positions and way points and also import maps from this web site, showing the boundaries, some of the main tracks and roads as well as the permitted fossicking areas. 

We personally use this app with our  management team to track progress of infrastructure and help staff have situational awareness on this vast property. 





Press on the Links below and you will be redirected to the following details. 

Palmerville Station Boundary Map


General Gold Fossicking Area

Season Pass Fossicking Area

Whites Creek Road - Gaia Map App Link